Truckers Stir on April 11 on Speed Governors Issue

Anguished over the order on fitting speed governors in vehicles, the truck operators in the State have planned to protest in front of all Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in the State on April 11.

State Federation of Lorry Owners Associations-Tamil Nadu (SFLOA-TN) president M R Kumarasamy made the announcement here on Thursday. “There are no clear-cut guidelines on fitting speed governors in vehicles. Even smaller vehicles are not spared in certain places. So we have decided to resort to a stir on April 11 in front of all the RTOs in the State,” he told reporters.

“We submitted a memorandum regarding the issue to the Transport Commissioner. But he did not respond positively,” he said.

However, a senior official of the Department of Transport clarified that if a certificate from the Automotive Research Association of India is produced for attesting stating that a particular vehicle could not be run at a speed beyond 80 km per hour, then such vehicles could be exempted from the speed limiting device.

“They need to produce a certificate from the Automotive Research Association of India to authenticate that the vehicle cannot run beyond 80 km per hour. If they fail to do so, we will not give the fitness certificate,” he said.


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