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Logistics in India is a 6 lakh crore market that is thoroughly unorganized and riddled with inefficiencies. There is a host of players who seem to be rushing in to grab a chunk of this huge pie. One such logistics player is TruckSuvidha, which is fast taking on the problem and has grown enormously in the past few months.

Making full use of tech to provide a gamut of features like real time monitoring and distance, TruckSuvidha is aiming to have their names etched next to the “Horn OK Sign” in trucks in the coming years.

Here is a look at TruckSuvidha’s scheme of things-

What It does ?

TruckSuvidha essentially serves as a platform for customers and transporters. The portal brings together all other related parties in the logistics industry on a single platform. It serves as a one-stop destination for anyone with a logistics service need.Currently, the portal is based out of Haryana.

TruckSuvidha- Helping you load your truck with a single click.

TruckSuvidha- Helping you load your truck with a single click.

Additionally, the venture also enables the customers to post and look for truck and loads. Moreover, TruckSuvidha also has three distinctive features, which are well appreciated by the users. These include Distance Calculator, Load Board and Truck Board. The distance calculator facilitates in zeroing down on the optimal route from the origin to the destination. While the Load Board keeps a track of all the loads, the Truck Board shows all available truck choices to the users.

The Founding Team

TruckSuvidha has two dynamic and self-motivated founders. Ishu Bansal and Amit Punaini who now serve as the Technical- Operational Chief and Marketing-Management Head are the brains behind the portal.

Ishu Bansal, who is a young and full of life co-founder is a Software engineer by profession. He has also been formerly associated with Infosys and Sapient prior to his role at TruckSuvidha.

Amit Punaini, on the other hand is a commerce graduate who has an astounding 17 years of experience in the plywood industry and scrap dealing. Punaini has a limitless passion for new ventures and believes that embracing change would lead towards the good.

How it all began ?

The idea of TruckSuvidha began as a casual conversation between the founders. Ishu Bansal was toying with the idea of stepping out of his lucrative career to establish his own venture to Amit. Amit who was fascinated with the idea, immediately came on board. After that, there has been no looking back for the duo.

The team then undertook first-hand research. They even went-down to the marketplace and interacted with transporters to gauge their views too. Post a lot of brainstorming session which included meeting prospective clients, hiring team and spread the word, TruckSuvidha came into force.

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