Visakhapatnam Port gets the solar route

Visakhapatnam Port is set to become first major port in India to produce solar power in the next few days.

The stage is set for commissioning of the first phase of 10 MW project in the first week of February. Johnson Engineers Limited of NOIDA with which Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) signed an MoU in November for installation of solar panels, operation and maintenance for seven years has already brought 8,000 panels in addition to inverters and batteries. At present the cabling work is going on and some more structures are expected in a day or two. Eastern Power Distribution Company of AP Limited will synchronise two MW of power in the first phase. The government has agreed to waive off wheeler charges for the first two years.

Visakhapatnam Port gets the solar route

Visakhapatnam Port gets the solar route

The VPT is going ahead with the project with an investment of INR 57 crore in an area of 50 acres near the Visakhapatnam International Airport as per suggestions made by the Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited.

Visakhapatnam Port Deputy Chairman P.L. Haranadh said that “We are proud that Visakhapanam Port is the first major port to foray into solar power generation as per the decision taken by the Centre.”

The port is investing INR 3,000 crore on augmentation of facilities and modernisation to raise its capacity from 93 million tonne to 124 million tonne in next two years.


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