295 commercial vehicles fined by traffic police for violating permits

During a drive by the traffic police Saturday, close to 295 challans were issued to commercial vehicles for various violations.
The drive was conducted to check if permit conditions were being flouted by commercial vehicles in the capital.



Over 3,000 vehicles were inspected during the drive and 851 notices for suspension of permits were issued, said government officials.
The drive was carried out with the aim of making “Delhi roads safe and driving more disciplined”, said officials.

This is the second “mega traffic enforcement drive” conducted by the government’s revenue department in more than 100 locations across the city. The first drive was conducted on November 21, during which 660 vehicles were issued notices.

Teams headed by sub-divisional magistrates and executive magistrates, and assisted by transport department officials, scoped several locations across the city and issued notices to violators. Auto-rickshaws, tempos, e-rickshaws, buses and gramin sewa vehicles were inspected.

The teams checked for violation of permit conditions such as overloading, unauthorised parking, wrong side driving “which most commonly cause inconvenience and pose security and safety threat to public”.

According to officials, a maximum of 166 notices were issued in the East district. This was followed by 150 in the West and 120 in Southwest district.

The transport department recently delegated powers of suspension of permits of commercial vehicles for violations, under the Motor Vehicles Act, to magistrates of the revenue department.

During the first drive, 660 vehicles were issued notices, added the officials.

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