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The Indian trucking industry is currently valued at $130 Bn and there are approximately 5.6 Mn on road vehicles transporting 80% of the country’s freight. But is still cudgeling brains over petty issues like lack of drivers, information about new areas, return loads and on-time deliveries & availability of transporters. This is the present state of Indian trucking industry – highly unorganized and highly fragmented.

TruckSuvidha Is Trying To Crack The $130 Billion Indian Trucking Industry

TruckSuvidha Is Trying To Crack The $130 Billion Indian Trucking Industry

In order to address these gaps, Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal came forward with their B2B portal TruckSuvidha in September last year. The startup is based in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. The main idea is to bridge the gap between the customer, transporter and other related entities, thereby helping the logistics industry meet the required demand-supply ratio, by bringing all the key players on a single common platform.

The founders believe that despite of having 4.7% contribution to country’s GDP, the logistics industry is still not able to give its due share. The problem lies in the existing system where there is a lack of information amid the users. “85% of the logistics industry is working on outsourcing – whether it’s Gati, Bluedart or Apollo logistics. “Maximum trucks associated with them are not their own and are owned by single fleet owners,” said Ishu. “Its all about the association model and our aim is to overhaul this sector with the available resources and technology, to set an example for other industries by being the most organized sectors in the world,” added Amit.

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