Government to bring a new bill to replace old laws on ports

Government will bring a new legislation to replace outdated laws relating to ports as part of efforts to ensure that regulations keep pace with time.

Besides, the Shipping Minister also pitched for amending rules to allow modernisation of ports, including by utilising dollar loans.

Responding to a query on existing old laws that pertain to definition of minor and major ports, Gadkari said these legislations were made long ago and should be amended with a modern outlook.

“There is a need to do away with outdated laws… This would help improve efficiency of ports and adapt new technologies,” the Minister said during Question Hour in the Lok Sabha.
“In three months, I will bring the bill to replace these laws. We will bring it in the next Parliament session,” he added.

To another question, he said if there is cooperation from members, changes can be made to laws pertaining to ports as the existing ones do not allow taking dollar loans for developing ports.

There is a “lot of politics” involved with respect to Dugarajapatnam port project in Andhra Pradesh.

“I am sorry to say that a lot of politics is going on which makes it very difficult for us to execute this project,” the Minister said even as he emphasised that the Centre is committed to building this port.

Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari

If the state government is not able to give the cost of the land acquisition, Gadkari said he would take contribution of Rs 25 or Rs 30 crore from every port. “We will treat this money as equity of other ports in this project. I will give that money for land acquisition,” he added.

Even after bearing such a huge cost, “we are ready with an open mind and with transparency to construct this port. “But I need cooperation from the Andhra Pradesh government,” Gadkari said.

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