Experience of TruckSuvidha at Ignite2015

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM) is quenching the thirst of business world by preparing skillful managers & entrepreneurs. TSCFM is a component of a global network of 500 Colleges and 75 Top Universities that was incepted in 1973. The network imparts internationally recognized superlative management programmes to more than 50,000 students annually in 56 countries around the world. TSCFM is managed by the Thadomal Shahani Trust. The objective of the TSCFM is to shape such professionals, who have leadership qualities for handling various operations of the corporate world.

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM) conducted annual management fest from 18th – 21st Feb 2015. Under it many events were organised like ReMake Me, EnVision, Be- Quizzed and Smart Entrepreneur. Our company, trucksuvidha participated in two Events: EnVision & Smart Entrepreneur.

Trucksuvidha participated in Envision event- a social campaign. The theme of the event is Initiate Philanthropic Vision, Raise your Voice and Take Action. Make World A Better Place. In this event, we present the truck driver’s “life on street”. Truck is their home, workplace, machine, vehicle, wife as well as temple too. Truck drivers plays a significant role in the transport industry because without them we don’t get food clothes as well as our daily necessities. But they have to face a lots of difficulties. Some of them are:

Presenting TruckSuvidha at Ignite2015

Presenting TruckSuvidha at Ignite2015

  • Our main focus is upliftment of truck drivers
  • Providing them work all the times and eliminating their idle time.
  • Arranging load for their return trips.
  • On highways, the general population and the police, both treat them badly, and sometimes even harass them for money
  • For the work they also compromise with their health.
  • They are feared of not only accidents but also of theft.
  • They are afraid to stop over at night for food or shelter, fearing that crooks and goons might steal precious goods from their trucks.

It is rightly said that if there are problems; there are solutions as well. TruckSuvidha is working with an aim to improve the life of truck drivers. At truckSuvidha, we are providing Solutions such as:’

Trucksuvidha is also participated in smart entrepreneur event- A startup idea. This event is for new startup who have spark in their idea as well as having a unique business proposition. Trucksuvidha.com is a leading portal for the Indian transport industry. We are providing one stop solution for all truck freight problems under one roof. We are providing platform to the transporters, truck drivers, customers and industrialists to connect with each other. Our portal will help the user to find tons of loads for various routes on a PAN India basis. Similarly, the user can find availability of empty vehicles for various routes on real time basis. We serve the transportation industry to best of our abilities to foster the profitable, safe, secure transportation of goods and services for the customers.

Participation in such a big platform in itself is an achievement’s. Participation, you came to know where you are standing. It was a very good experience of participating in Ignite 2015 TSCFM events. Presenting our concept in front of them motivates a lot after hearing appreciations. We won a second runner-up prize at ignite2015, organised by TSCFM.

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