Challenges faced by Indian transporters

Transport is the backbone and lifeline of our economy. In India, perhaps transport is the biggest business but at the same time it is the most unprofessional & unorganized business also. Challenges are never ending situation for transport industry.

The biggest challenge faced by the transporters is that young generation of existing transport employees and owners does not want to join their parent’s industry. The young generation wants to do something different rather than following their parent’s business. Even existing truck drivers are also leaving this industry and slowly moving to bus driving or local driving because of stable income, safety & comfort.

The lorry/truck drivers have also suffered from another crucial issue regarding highway robberies. The material is not safe on highway. In some cases, robbers even snatched the lorry from drivers and their locations are not identified till date. Recently five Lorries were hijacked on Maharashtra route and nobody knows what happened to the Lorries and their drivers.

Another big issue is that there is lack of awareness among transporters and truckers. There are so many significant areas where the transporter and truckers should be educated. Many transporters even don’t know how to calculate operating cost. They are still following traditional theory of working at an operating cost a bit lower than their nearby competitor. This all leads to reduction in profits of transporters and huge loss to the truckers as they do not acquire the freight rate equals to actual cost they spent. The recent enormous hike in diesel price has created a big problem for the transporters as well as truck owners in the country. The truck/lorry operators find it difficult to manage with the abnormal hike in the fuel prices.

Major challenge for any transport organization is infrastructure. Roads are not in good condition due to which it creates hindrance in transportation of goods. Lack of service providing shops along side roads like repairing shop, dhabas, rest places etc due to which truck drivers has to face lots of problems. Even at least one big godown is required at all major cities for centralized delivery & pick-up of material and one small outlet (own or franchisee) at each business potential area of that city for better administrative control & customer relations. But it is not easy to buy a land when the price and rent of land is sky touching.

Today, from all these above reason, transport business becomes the biggest challenge in India. Government must take proper steps to create awareness and to educate transporters and truckers. Infrastructure should be developed so that transportation of goods becomes easy. Growth opportunities in transport business must be increased so that young generation also wants to join this industry.

Challenges faced by transporters

Challenges faced by transporters

is also working for the modernisation of transport industry and for the welfare of transporters as well as truck drivers.

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  1. Deepak jha says:

    Absolutely right , many issue in highway, very bad road conditions , till time drivers shortage in trucking industry

  2. Neha Joshi says:

    Yeah, true. It is indeed important to seek estimated operating costs here as well as assessing the road conditions where the wear and tear would be more and traffic conditions may exploit fuel charges even further. I was communicating with one of my member on . So when I was communicating with fellow members. I understood the concern

  3. Neha Joshi says:

    Oh that was pitty to know truckers face problems lacking assistance services like repairs, food etc.
    I was communicating with one of the dealer on . And heard the same

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