Speeding trucks a menace in Jagatpura

There has been a sharp increase in road accidents involving dumper trucks in the city. Areas like Jagatpura are particularly prone to accidents as one can often witness heavy vehicles plying at high speed here.

On June 14, two persons who were headed to Sitapura industrial area had died after an overloaded truck hit their vehicle from behind. The duo were rushed to a hospital where they were declared dead on arrival.

According to localities, driving here is a precarious task, especially near NRI crossing on Mahal Road where dumper trucks ply in full speed without bothering to blow horn to alert other commuters.

“At NRI crossing, we have seen many accidents involving trucks. There are no speed breakers,” said Bhanwar Lal Saini, a resident of Prahalad Pura. Making matters worse, authorities have not deployed any traffic police in areas such as Mahal Road and NRI crossing.

Speeding trucks a menace in Jagatpura

Speeding trucks a menace in Jagatpura

“We have a huge problem of trucks occupying major portion of the road. For instance, if you happen to come here in the morning, the entire stretch from NRI crossing till Akshay Patra is occupied by trucks parked on the road,” said Girdhari Rajora, a resident of Jagatpura. Rajora added that there are many marble retail shops in Jagatpura and hence dumper trucks move throughout the day.

“There are no rules or regulations for truck drivers here. They often block roads because of their haphazard parking. Adding to our problem is encroachment. People have dumped construction material alongside the road,” he added.

A senior police official told TOI that Jagatpura indeed has a ‘traffic problem.’ “It has been brought to our notice that some people here drive in full speed with scant regard for traffic norms. However, this is set to change as we are planning to install automatic speed violation detectors (ASVD) on Mahal Road which would single out the vehicles driving at full speed and issue challans.

Source: https://goo.gl/bNL9UB

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