RTA’s no tolerance policy for overloaded vehicles

Over 120 vehicles have been impounded since the weekend as part of the drive against overloaded vehicles. Besides trucks, shuttles and state transport buses too have been impounded by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) in Gurgaon.

Overloaded vehicles have been one of the major cause of damaging roads by putting weight pressure. Also, a majority of the vehicles which have been overturned or lost control and thus met with an accident, have been overloaded. As a result, the RTA has been instructed by transport commissioner to ensure that there are obstructions to road and public safety.

RTA’s no tolerance policy for overloaded vehicles

RTA’s no tolerance policy for overloaded vehicles

Following this, the RTA has launched a special drive to curb the overloading in vehicles. Since Saturday, the transport officials impounded over 120 heavy vehicles for overloading which included commercial goods carrier, state transport buses plying on Jaipur and Delhi route and shuttle buses ferrying corporate employees in Gurgaon. These buses have been carrying more than permitted numbers of passengers. Shuttle buses especially do not have a permission to ferry passengers who do not get a seat to sit.

Earlier too, overloaded vehicles have been impounded and challaned by the RTA, but for a different reason. Earlier, the RTA conducted drives for overloaded vehicles because of the losses suffered by the state exchequer.

However, the transport authority now want to control such vehicles also for the safety reasons. The damaged roads have also been a concern as they lead to traffic snarls and accidents of other vehicles, especially when it rains.

“We have received instructions from the higher authorities to ensure that no compromises have been made to road infrastructure and commuter’s safety. The drive will now be conducted round the clock and vehicles will only be released after the challans are paid,” said Jitender Kumar, secretary RTA Gurgaon.

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