Krishnapatnam Port to install coal conveyor system

Krishnapatnam Port, 180 kilometer (km) north of Chennai, is investing INR 780 crore for installing a direct coal conveyor system to speed up movement of the fuel and cut environmental pollution.

About seven thermal power plants with a capacity of 8,760 MW are proposed to be set up north and south of the port.

Last year, the port handled 41 million tonnes of cargo, of which coal accounted for the major share. This year, the target for total cargo handling is pegged at 56 million tonnes.

The first coal conveyor system of 10 km for 2X660 MW Thermal Powertech Corporations was installed recently.

TPCIL commenced its second power unit recently. APGENCO and NCC Power Projects are expected to be commissioned by October and December respectively. A senior port official said major erection works for APGENCO have been completed and the equipment is being put in place.

The system is expected to be operational soon and for NCC it will be ready next month. The port is investing a combined INR 330 crore on the conveyor for the three plants on the northern side.

Krishnapatnam Port to install coal conveyor system

Krishnapatnam Port to install coal conveyor system

The system will span a length of 30 km.

On completion, it would have the capacity to discharge 20 million tonnes of coal. Separately, the port is spending about INR 450 crore on the southern side.

Two plants are operational and another two plants are expected to be ready soon. Currently, coal is moved to these plants through trucks, pending finalisation of right of way for installing the system.


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